Certification Courses

Training and education is necessary and required for Drug Free Workplace Programs. It is important that employees understand the benefits and procedures of the new programs, as well as their rights and responsibilities. AMS also trains regulators.


B.A.T Instructor Training Course
AMS trains and certifies trainers and instructors for companies in a Breath Alcohol Technical Course according to federal requirements. This course covers new D.O.T. alcohol testing regulations and procedures. Instructors will be provided with tools necessary to conduct B.A.T. courses. Attendance in the B.A.T. Instructor course will meet D.O.T. rules for training B.A.T.s. B.A.T. /E.B.T. Instructor certificate will be provided upon completion of course.

B.A.T. Certification Course
AMS trains and certifies Breath Alcohol Technicians (B.A.T.) in accordance with federal requirements. This course covers all D.O.T alcohol regulations. D.O.T. rules require certified B.A.T.s to undergo training including mock testing, review of medical review officer roles and covers all of the required D.O.T. 49 CFR Part 40 Regulations. B.A.T. and E.B.T. (Evidential Breath Technician) courses offered. B.A.T./E.B.T. certificate will be provided upon completion of course.

B.A.T. Refresher Course
AMS provides a refresher course for a B.A.T./E.B.T certification. This course is federally required every five years to maintain certifications for B.A.T./E.B.T by reviewing up to the most recent D.O.T. regulations. Mock tests are performed and a copy of the previous certificate will be required.


AMS Drug and Alcohol in the Workplace Training program guides employers and employees in the right direction for long-term control and elimination of drug and alcohol abuse among employees, and is in compliance with presiding regulations.

Collector Course
AMS has designed a course to comply with new D.O.T. regulations pertaining to collectors. All D.O.T rules require all collectors to undergo basic knowledge and qualification training plus proficiency training. Collectors must perform mock collections within D.O.T. requirements. Collector refresher training will be required every five years after course completion, and error-correction training is required if collector makes an error that causes a D.O.T. drug test to be cancelled. Collectors certificate will be provided upon completion of course.

Collector Instructor Course (Includes Collector Course)
AMS has designed a course to cover all D.O.T. drug test collection procedures, in combination with the required training to instruct and certify others on drug test collections within compliance of the federal regulations. Instructors will be provided with the tools necessary to conduct collector courses. Attendance in the Collector Instructor Course shall meet new D.O.T. rules for training collectors. collector instructor certificate will be provided by AMS upon completion of the course.